Recently Funded Transactions September and October

Here are a few highlighted transactions that OneWorld has funded over the past couple of months.  As always, please let us know if you would like to find out more about these transactions and relationships.  Our hope is that you have a better understanding of how OneWorld helps US organizations meet financial goals after reading through these examples.

1. Concrete Manufacturer: A customer located in Texas financed $715K for 5 tractors. The term was 60 months and the structure was $1.00 buyout.

2. Die Casting Machine: A long time repeat customer located in Texas financed $673K for a die casting machine. The term was 84 months using a $1.00 buyout structure.

3. Industrial and Medical Gad Distribution Industry: A Texas distribution facility financed $472K for helium cylinders. The terms was for 60 months using an FMV.

 4. Complex Tooling: A complex tooling manufacturer located in California financed $345K for a used CNC machine. The term was 60 months and the structure was  a $1.00 buyout.

5. Bowling Industry:  A Washington customer financed $150K for bowling equipment. The term was 60 months using $1.00 buyout.

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