Recently Funded Transactions – June 2012

Here are a few highlighted transactions that OneWorld has funded over the past couple of months.  As always, please let us know if you would like to find out more about these transactions and relationships.  Our hope is that you have a better understanding of how OneWorld helps US organizations meet financial goals after reading through these examples.

1. Recycling Industry/structured finance: A Scrap yard and recycling facility located in Texas financed a Trailer Mounted Baler and Crane for a total of $463k over 48 months on a $1 buyout. The lessee paid a significant amount of the transaction in cash and financed the balance.

2. EFA: A Texas company in the medical industry financed 87k for an X-ray system over 48 months. The lessee financed the equipment using an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA)

3. $1.00 buyout: A manufacturing company located in Florida financed a dump cart for a total of 26k over 35 months. The lessee financed the equipment using a $1.00 buyout capital lease structure.

4. Construction Finance: A New Jersey construction company financed 58k in equipment over 48 months. This backhoe and crawler will help the business generate additional revenue and profits in 2012.

5. Software Industry: A software company in Pennsylvania financed $27k for a sign, which will help the company acquire more business.

6. Small ticket: A company in the medical industry located in Alabama financed $15k for pumps. This is the second schedule of revenue generating pumps for this lessee.

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