Recently Funded Transactions – January and February 2012

Here are a few highlighted transactions that OneWorld has funded over the past couple of months.  As always, please let us know if you would like to find out more about these transactions and relationships.  Our hope is that you have a better understanding of how OneWorld helps US organizations meet financial goals after reading through these examples.


1. Die Cast: A Texas die casting company financed a 900-ton die cast machine for $380k over 60 months on a     $1buyout structure.  The equipment will help the business generate additional revenue and profits in 2012 and beyond.


2. EFA: A printing company out of Florida financed a new tabbing system for a total of about $75k.  The lessee used an Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) to purchase the equipment over 60 months.


3. Oil and Gas: An Oklahoma firm in the oil and gas industry financed $800,000 in workover rigs over 48 months using a $1out structure.  Additional collateral was pledged by the lessee in order to secure the funds.


4. Installment Payment Agreement: An Installment Payment Agreement was used by a long term OneWorld customer to finance about $1.2 million in essential software over 48 months.  This New York based retailer has used this sale-leaseback structure to finance over ten similar schedules with OneWorld, going back longer than five years.


5. Portfolio Purchase from Vendor:  A new vendor relationship started off with OneWorld purchasing one of the vendor’s in-house lease portfolios.  The vendor sold OneWorld twelve leases for a total of just over $1 million.  The terms of the transaction were fair enough to potentially generate an additional $5 million in volume or more in 2012.


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