Recently Funded Equipment Leasing or Finance Transactions

Thanks for checking in on our recently funded equipment financing and leasing transactions.  Our hope is that these examples show you  a little more about who we are and how we can help.  As always, visit the “About” section of this blog, go to our websites (links on the right), or just give your representative a call to discuss further.


Unique structure:  A charter and aircraft maintenance company in Wisconsin used a unique structure to acquire a 1990 Cessna for $825,000 over 60 months.  We were able to approve a 5 year term and 10 year amortization in order to match the payments to customer’s monthly cashflow.


$1 buyout lease:  A Pennsylvania commercial printer acquired about $50,000  worth of screen presses on 60 month, $1.00 buyout terms.


Short-term $1out lease:  A Texan medical-related client financed the purchase of about $35,000 in servers and backup drives over 18 months using a $1 buyout structure.


EFA:  A manufacturer in Wisconsin used our Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) to purchase around $21,000 in scoring system equipment over 36 months.


Municipality Finance:  A municipality in Michigan financed a 3D printer for $30,000 over 36 months with a  $1 buyout at the end of the term.

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