Recent Transactions

To give you a better idea of the types of businesses that we help, here are some recent requests that OneWorld and OneSource funded.  Remember to check back for the latest bookings!  Thanks.

Biotech:  A New Jersey Biotech firm secured a $6 million lease for a corporate turbo-prop aircraft on 84 months with a purchase or renewal option at the end of term that allowed for a three year extension.

Construction: An enterprising South Dakotan construction company acquired $55k in equipmentover 48 months with a minimal $1 purchase price at the end of the term.

Healthcare:  A Wisconsin health care organization used an operating lease to purchase $600k in essential medical equipment.

Retail:   A well-known New York retailer finances $1.5 million in tenant improvements annually using our capital lease program.  The retailer is able to grow to its full potential and take advantage of its market position without tying up cash.

As always, please feel free to post questions and comments here.  Also, feel free to call me for more details and for references – I would be happy to make the introduction!

Mike Wright

512-458-1300, ext 234

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