Recent Software and Equipment Finance Transactions

Below you will find five more good examples of transactions funding in the OneWorld Business Finance Coop today.  By the way, when’s the last time you had a lender offer prefunding to your vendors, and actually do it?

CNC Finance with stated balloon:  A glass and glazing contractor acquired a $375,000 CNC (computer-navigated-control) machine.  The Colorado firm with time-in-business since the mid-1990s will make 60 monthly payments and a 10% final balloon payment to purchase the equipment at the end of the term.

Prefunding:  A Texas metal finishing firm doing business since the 1990s purchased coating system equipment using a 60 month EFA (equipment finance agreement).  We prefunded 40% of the system in order to meet all parties’ cash flow requirements.

Micro-ticket:  An architectural design business out of California purchased an essential $6k printer over 34 months with a 10% PUT at the end of the term.

Software finance:  A Wisconsin manufacturer of printed circuit boards purchased about $42k in equipment and software over 48 months.  The firm, with almost 40 years time in business, acquired the essential air compressor and software using our EFA structure.

Small-ticket:  A legal services provider out of Minnesota purchased a $13k phone system over 60 months on an EFA.

Tabbing system finance:  A Florida printer acquired a $75k tabbing system over 60 months by using the EFA product.

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