OneWorld is Pleased to Announce

Jeff Deskins, Vice President of our Banking Sector, and OneWorld Business Finance are happy to highlight some transactions we have successfully placed with our ICBA partners this year.

  • $950,000 – A referring partner in California introduced us to a customer with mostly overseas assets who was looking for a financing solution with tax benefits. After an in-depth due diligence process, OneWorld was able to develop a solution for the customer and brought it to a community bank partner, also in California. We structured a sale-leaseback secured by assets in the U.S. to allow the customer to expense payments thus lowering tax liability. The customer received their equipment and tax benefits and the bank added additional commercial financing to their portfolio that is 100% secured at a reasonable yield.
  • $1,800,000 – OneWorld received a referral from an ICBA partner in Missouri that was at capacity and had a long-time customer who needed to offload some debt. The customer has an ongoing need to finance equipment for primary operations. As a Preferred Service Provider for the ICBA, we were able to facilitate the financing through another community bank in New Mexico that had a desire to obtain tax benefits via a TRAC lease.
  • $790,000 – The referring bank had a long-term customer in need of a specialty lease structure for tax purposes to obtain service trucks and tractor trailers. OneWorld generated the structuring of the transaction and the referring bank was able to purchase the payment stream and tax benefits, growing their C&I.

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