November 2012 Equipment Finance Rate Factors


Thank you for checking in. Here are market rates for purchasing essential equipment or software.

24 36 48 60
Investment Grade (over $1 million) 0.04304 0.02918 0.02230 0.01823
A 0.04326 0.02940 0.02252 0.01845
B 0.04415 0.03030 0.02343 0.01937
App-only (under $100k) 0.04526 0.03102 0.02398 0.01979

These Standard Middle Market Rates are intended to be guidelines for discussion purposes only and are subject to change higher or lower depending upon a review of the credit profile of each lessee. Also, contact your representative at OneWorld in order to discuss the multiple end-of-term options available, including, but not limited to $1out, Fair-Market-Value, Purchase-or-Renewal, or Equipment Finance Agreement.

As always, please contact your OneWorld representative with questions or ideas. Just call us at (512)458-1300, and ask for Mike Wright at extension 234 or Mike Moran at extension 232.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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