High Tech Success Story

What I love the most about equipment leasing is having the opportunity to see clients realize their true potential by making sound, healthy decisions on their capital structure.  Check out this more detailed example of how OneSource partnered up with a client for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship
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Our client was an electronics service company that needed help stabilizing expenses so it could avoid the instability caused by the large equipment purchases required to remain competitive. They had been using short tem debt such as a bank line of credit to purchase equipment. In discussions with the CFO, we explained how long term needs, such as equipment financing, required a long term approach. This company dealt primarily with testing equipment in the semiconductor industry, so their assets were spread out over the locations of their various clients.
Through discussions with management, OneSource Financial developed an understanding of the company’s patterns of buying and how those buying patterns related to the seasonal nature of their business. OneSource Financial helped the client’s CFO implement a plan that reduced their operating costs. We recommended lines of credit specifically for assets with long life cycles such as testing equipment.
OneSource Financial provided financing for all of its client’s needs, with an operating lease structure that allowed multiple options at lease termination, as well as with finance leases where title transferred automatically. We set up a line of credit for equipment and funded 10 lease schedules over the next several years. Over time, the client was able to even out its cash flow, which allowed for more accurate forecasting and better strategies for growth.   This enabled the company to save money on its other lines, as the equipment lines had no additional interest nor non-utilization fees. The company was advised about leasing structures that could achieve the best overall impact on their cash flow demands. Our proposal explained all of the options in detail, giving the client greater flexibility. This customer continues to be a long-term client of OneSource Financial.

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