Healthcare Success Story

Companies and not-for-profit organizations in the medical or healthcare field make up about a third of the OneSource portfolio.  Read below for a story on how we helped open up a new medical facility in Texas.



A healthcare company with several locations wanted to build a new state-of-the-art facility. They were not sure how to proceed with the financing, maximize their tax benefits and meet cash flow hurdles presented by term debt lenders and accounts receivables lenders. The company had recently experienced some operational challenges and suffered losses. The interim CFO was charged with reducing corporate taxes and not affecting existing agreements with its lenders or investors’ covenants.



OneSource Financial did a comprehensive lease analysis, studied the tax returns, cash flow requirements and covenants and presented a plan that addressed the most pressing issues. We proposed several options from which our client could select. Our approach provided flexibility and end-of-term options that the client had yet to explore. OneSource Financial assisted the interim team in completing the funding process during an unplanned change in financial management, and reached strategic goals in a timely manner.



OneSource Financial provided financing for all of its client’s needs on a 2-tier operating lease structure that allowed multiple options at lease termination. The assets were segregated by useful lives and maximized for tax benefits, resulting in lower tax rates and a substantial 20% savings on a net present value basis over the planned financing vehicle. The company continues to be a valued customer and is exploring additional financing with OneSource Financial.


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