Equipment or Software Leasing and Finance for Vendors

Since 1995, OneSource has provided the industry’s top service to it’s customers, the end users of essential business equipment and software.  We have worked with many vendors of all shapes and sizes, but one sentiment remains constant across the board; as a vendor of essential business equipment or software, offering a finance or lease option can immediately boost performance by 10-20%, with no additional time or effort from the vendor.

Your customers may use the cash they save to finance their growth, launch special marketing campaigns, cushion against future market volatility, or many other uses.  What is in the best interest of the financial health of your customers?  If you think that a financing option would help, please let us know.  We would be glad to hold preliminary conversations, help to close opportunities, or provide guidance along the process.

Starting in September, you can check back here to see an example of what our rates could be for four categories.  Investment Grade credits are usually Fortune 500 or 1000 companies that have Investment Grade public debt ratings (at least BBB or Baa2), and these organizations qualify for our best rates when the transaction or line of credit is over $1,000,000.  Class “A” credit profiles are usually mid-size organizations, and still have strong revenues, profitability, and balance sheets.  Class “B” profiles do not have investment grade debt due to a slightly higher credit risk associated with business size, leverage, time-in-business, customer concentration, or other challenges.  Our “App-Only” programs allow for a quick and easy credit decision based solely on the corporate credit and sometimes personal credit of the businesses owners.

In order to determine a monthly payment, simply multiply the equipment or software cost by the corresponding lease rate factor.  For example, if an end-user would like to know what a 60 month  payment would be on a $75,000 invoice through our App-Only program, you can quote a .02056 lease rate factor, and the monthly payment would be $75,000*.02056, or $1,542.  The final payment could be higher or lower depending on the credit profile, but $1,542 is a good middle market estimation.

Does this help?  Please comment below or call any time to discuss further.

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Published Rates for the month of September 2011





Investment Grade (over $1 million)















App-only (under $100k)






These Standard Middle Market Rates are intended to be a guideline for discussion purposes only and are subject to change higher or lower depending upon a review of the credit profile of each lessee.  Also, contact your representative at OneSource in order to discuss the multiple end-of-term options available, including, but not limited to, $1out, Fair-Market-Value, Purchase-or-Renewal, or Equipment Finance Agreement.

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