Equipment Finance / Leasing is Great Performer through 2011

From OneWorld Business Finance (OBF),  a Preferred Service Provider (PSP) to Independant Community Bankers of America (ICBA) members.

According to the recent Community Bank Leasing study commissioned by the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation, since the early 1990’s, lease receivables have been one of the best performers in the portfolios of community banks across the nation.  You can learn more about the full 58-page study that was released in January 2012 here:

Here is how we can help you:

OBF can: Pay your bank a referral fee on transactions that you do not wish to fund internally.

How: We can approve and fund equipment finance transactions for your customers.

OBF can: Find equipment financing or leasing requests in your footprint and credit window.

How: Our OBF coop members regularly uncover opportunities that can be placed with your bank.

OBF can: Assist you in driving more equipment financing and leasing transactions from your existing customers

How: Through “co-branded” marketing materials that are produced free to you.

Stop by booth 403 at the ICBA National Convention and Techworld in Nashville to learn more or just to catch up!  Contact info and links to find out more about how we are helping community bankers can be found below.

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Banking Relationship Manager
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