Looking to purchase a piece of equipment for your business? Look no further! OneWorld offers a full range of leasing and financing services for all types of equipment. We can help you make intelligent choices by doing a lease vs. buy analysis and help you make better financing decisions.

We give you all you need to make a choice between equipment purchases and business equipment leasing (either operating or capital leases) and even let you know if you’re eligible for tax-exempt financing. We structure leases from $20,000 (obtained through a single-page application-only lease) to more than $20 million — for all kinds of equipment. And to accommodate multiple small equipment acquisitions, we can set up lease lines of credit. Usually, the lease can include the full cost of the equipment, as well as the service, shipping, installation costs and maintenance.

Just let us know what you need, we’ll provide a cost effective way to lease it!



Venture lease finance

Venture leasing is a cheaper and smarter way to finance needed equipment when compared to equity. Equipment financing is specifically designed for rapidly growing venture capital-backed start-ups. By using venture leasing along with venture capital, the savvy entrepreneur can lower the venture’s overall cost of capital, building enterprise value faster and retaining ownership. There are usually no restrictive financial covenants, and venture leases are usually only secured by the underlying assets.

Structured lease finance

Structured lease financing is available for special situations such as sale-leaseback (a.k.a. purchase-leaseback), leveraged leases, tax-oriented operating leases or other complex financing structures. These may include leases for companies with solid collateral, but without solid financial performance. For the right customer, OneWorld offers leases for acquisitions of 100% software, leading-edge technologies or R&D assets.



Building strong relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of our success. With over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise and knowledge you need to get the best equipment leasing possible.

  • We are flexible
  • We provide customized leasing solutions
  • 100% financing options available
  • We consider your cash flow
  • We inform you of tax advantages available
  • We are reliable and guide you throughout the whole leasing process.



We make leasing fast and easy, with processes that are as straight forward as can be. Here’s how we work:

  1. Choose Your Equipment
  2. Contact us
  3. Fill the Simple Application form
  4. Get you Credit Approval
  5. Forward the Seller’s Invoice
  6. Sign the Financing Agreement
  7. Get Your Equipment
  8. Pay Your Invoices
  9. Pay Off Your Contract



OneWorld offers a huge selection of leasing products, all of which can be tailored to meet your needs. Get better equipment Lease financing – Contact us today!