Almost all equipment purchased by small businesses are financed by sources that are not banks. Have you calculated how much your bank losing to these companies? Let us help you close the gap! Our bank equipment lease financing program/ partnership has been designed to meet your bank’s and your customer’s needs. Our program makes it possible for banks to offer equipment financing solutions to their clients, without having to spend resources maintaining an equipment financing department.

We do all the work—you enjoy the benefits!

We have funded several hundred million dollars in equipment leases & finance agreements over the last two decades of our existence and a large portion has been through community banks. OneWorld supports Community Bankers through our Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) Corporate Membership. We help community bankers across the nation generate fee income from opportunities they pass on, and we also help them uncover new opportunities to begin business relationships with our customers.



  • We offer opportunities to your current customers by providing an avenue for additional financing and leasing.
  • We become an additional resource to your bank and we work with your target customers and underwriting guidelines in mind.



  • Think of us as a free equipment leasing officer
  • We’ll have the first right of refusal to fund the contract.
  • We’ll help grow and diversify your bank’s assets.
  • We’ll help you create more income
  • We’ll manage a portfolio of your clients so you don’t have to
  • You’ll earn a fee income at the start of the contract.



Partner with us today! We’ll provide your bank with the infrastructure and expertise you need to offer your customers equipment financing! Our process is simple and fast and requires almost no investment from you.

Call us today to discuss the benefits of equipment finance and how a partnership with OneWorld can increase your revenue and enhance your existing commercial customer relationships.